I   pledge to do everything in my power as the State School Superintendent to return control of Georgia’s schools to the local level.  You see, I believe that education should be a local issue.  The role of the State is to oversee and support the local school systems as they educate our children.  This is a philosophy that separates me from my opponents in this race. 

I am not just talking about getting rid of federal control of Georgia’s educational system—something we have to do.  I am talking about returning the State Department of Education to its proper role. 

And what is the State Department’s proper role?

I think the answer is simple.  The State is there to support the local school systems.  Support them as they teach the right core curriculum to our children.  We must support them by taking off the handcuffs that are forcing teachers to teach the test rather than the curriculum.  We must support them by properly allocating the money that is given to the local system.

Most important, we must support them by stopping the useless spending on layers of administration in Atlanta that do not serve the actual function of our education system—educating children.  We can begin working within the education budget by ending waste at the State level first.

 The State Department of Education is there to oversee the running of school systems as they teach the core curriculum.

 This is not magic—it is common sense.  And common sense is something we seem to be short on in Atlanta right now.

 With your help I will bring common sense back to the office of the State School Superintendent.