Washington wants to educate your child from “cradle to career.”

March 10, 2010

The Federal Government and Georgia Education

Education is a local issue. 

My first concern is education in Georgia.  It is where I have dedicated my entire life and the resources of my professional life.  Like all parents who live in Georgia I have a vested interest because this is where my daughter is educated. 

I have always believed that education is a local issue.  Local communities and states better understand the needs of children.  Furthermore, it is at the local and state level where the moral obligation of our families resides.  The federal government is an intruder when it steps into the field of education. 

We must stop this intrusion!

Current U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan is very clear on the control the federal government is looking for in the education of your children.  At a recent national conference of school system leaders, Duncan said “Our aim, and the President’s aim, is to provide a well-rounded education for children from cradle-to-career.”  Secretary Duncan has, thankfully, alerted us to the government’s desire to determine what is important for our children from birth.  This is not the role of the federal government.  It is the role of parents and families.

Saint Francis Xavier understood the value of the years from cradle to elementary school when he stated, “Give me children until they are seven and anyone may have them afterward.”  We cannot afford to let the federal government control our children from the cradle.

This is a critical time in our nation’s history; a time when there is a battle looming for who is going to determine what are the proper values for our children to learn.  Whether it is battling with textbook companies regarding what is going to be in the next generation of history books, or battling with the federal government over who is going to control our educational systems, we have to do everything in our power to keep the control of our schools as close to our families and our local communities as possible.

That is why I am committed to not giving control of Georgia’s educational system to the federal government.  I am committed to keeping the control as close to the local community as possible.

I am committed to that ideal because I am a parent and I know that we have to trust our parents, our citizens, and not look to the federal government to solve our problems in education.

As we began so we end—education is a local issue!  Anything else is unacceptable.


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